Dear Coaches, Players, and Parents:


Congratulations on making it to the USSSA COACH PITCH WORLD SERIES!


Memories in Action,(MIA) Photography is pleased to have been chosen to be the Official Photographer for the USSSA COACH PITCH WORLD SERIES in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. MIA will be taking the official team pictures and action shots during the event. The official team picture will include your team's name and the official USSSA World Series logo. What a fantastic way for your team to remember this incredible event for years to come!


Since 1998, Memories in Action has consistently provided the most professional and absolute best quality sport and event photography at affordable prices.





3:00 - 4:00


3:00 - 4:00


4:00 - 5:00


Team pictures will be taken at THE HANGOUT on the BEACH prior to opening ceremonies.


This email includes the following attachment:

Team Contact/Order Form

Each team will complete ONE form for team picture orders. Please fill out form and process at MIA tent prior to scheduled picture time.



Our photographers look forward to meeting you and creating lasting memories of the 2011 USSSA COACH PITCH WORLD SERIES! Please feel free to email us direct at or (334) 363-2551 with any additional questions.



MIA Photography